CE Security Ltd are proud to announce the recently awarded contract with Curo Group (Albion) Limited, a Not for Profit Housing and Support Organisation.

Providing Security and Concierge Services, CE Security are to be in sole charge of securing various facilities  for a diverse range of vulnerable individuals including, people with learning difficulties, teenage parents, homelessness,  or domestic  violence victims.

This is a particularly special contract award as the skills required for this role are very different to that required of a standard Security Officer, and it was paramount ensuring that the correct support and training is provided to manage this contract. All of our Security Officers working within this environment are trained in SOVA, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and this is our standard requirement when employing any personnel to work in such environment. This ensures they have increased awareness of adult abuse and safeguarding issues, increased confidence when interacting with individuals who may have safeguarding issues, awareness of their own and their organisations responsibilities, and how to seek specialist support.

We operate a procedure to ensure that our Security Officer’s, as a minimum, will undergo extensive training programmes to include proficiency in acting quickly and accordingly, Conflict Management and Drug & Alcohol Awareness. We are especially proud of all our Officers and support them fully in any additional training.

For further details on this award, please see https://www.publictenders.net/node/3571088