CE Security’s key holding service involves us holding a set of your keys for you. In the event your alarm is activated, our Mobile Security Officers will attend your premises and be able to access them to investigate. Our Officers are trained to deal with all such scenarios. They make sure the site is totally safe, secure and also check for any intruders, burglars or vandals who may be causing damage. Our Officers are trained to operate your particular Alarm system to manage all activations efficiently. All activations and incidents are reported back to you for full accountability and transparency. When needed, CE Security will escalate an incident and work directly with the Police and Fire Services to protect your premises accordingly.

Daily Opening and Closing of Premises

CE Security also provide a daily service to lock and un-lock your buildings, ensuring it is ready to operate in advance of your staff arriving. This usually involves opening shutters, offices, server rooms, toilets etc. In the evening, we ensure the building is locked up with no one left behind, making standard checks to make sure windows are closed, heating is off and alarms are set.

Your Keys Kept Securely

Your keys are stored securely in an restricted access location. Only authorised personnel by you have access to the keys and premises.