It has been nearly eight years since BioCity Ltd awarded CE Security the provision of Security Services contract for our Nottingham site of 120 000 sq ft of incubator space. BioCity Nottingham Security Services requirements have fluctuated over time and I am most grateful CE Security have remained both flexible and reliable in providing Security Officers to cover those requirements in a timely and efficient manner. From weekend cover to covering holiday and sickness at the last moment to providing security when we have needed 24 hour cover CE Security always been there to deliver. We currently have a team of 2 very reliable officers who are enthusiastic, motivated, helpful and keen to learn which is extremely satisfying and makes dealing with the Security Team at BioCity a much easier and pleasurable experience. The fact that we have had few and only minor incidents in the 8 years of service also suggests the effectiveness of those officers in keeping our site and its employees and belongings safe and secure. If occasional problems occur on site, we can be sure that a Contract Manager member are on the end of the telephone to very quickly respond and put them right from training or uniform issues through to communication and staffing issues there has always been a timely and effective solution which although expected, at the same time is comforting to know that it happens.