CE Security understands that client assets are vulnerable to threat at every stage of the distribution chain: in between the production and retail stages, thousands of valuable assets are stored in depots and warehouses. A high volume of goods stored in one location, with a perceived lower security presence due to often remote locations, represents an appealing target for crime from both external and internal sources.

In order to tackle this issue, CE Security provides a professional and essential security presence in distribution depots and warehouses, aimed at protecting company assets from theft, damage or manipulation. This can be implemented through a variety of methods, such as manned security, CCTV, mobile patrols and key holding and alarm response.

The services implemented will depend on the needs and preferences of each client, and we work closely with client management to ascertain the best security solution for each distribution site, using our experience in the sector to design the bespoke service which will best safeguard our clients’ assets.

Through a strategic and tactical approach to security tailored specifically to this sector, CE Security counters and reduces the risks faced by organisations within the distribution and logistics industry, meaning that client goods are protected throughout every process of supply chain operations.